If oportunity doesn't knock, build a door

We have some amazing WordPress website development options for small business owners. We have created hundreds of web design solution using the WordPress platform. Using our website solutions, customers have always been pleased with websites that load quickly and are optimized to receive traffic for free from Google and Bing.

How We Begin Building You a Great Website

Here is the process we use to setup a custom WordPress website for your business.

  1. Install the WordPress framework on our server and link it to your domain.
  2. Decide on a responsive theme that represents your business sector
  3. Customize the theme and create pages
  4. Optimize the pages for Search Engine Optimization
  5. Install customized contact forms
  6. Install Google Analytics, Search Console, & Bing Reporting

How Much Does It Cost for a Custom Website Design in WordPress?

The price will vary depending on the size of the website, how much content is needed, and how much optimizing needs to be done. Some clients require little to no proofs before the website goes live, and some are a bit more complicated. As a rough estimate, WordPress website solutions can start at $49 a month for the smaller ones and go up to $1999 a month for the larger ones.

If you’re serious about getting a custom website setup on our hosting server, please request a free quote using the form below.